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dr. Robert Lopatkin

Digital Orthodontics

29 Barstow Rd. St. 200A
Great Neck, NY 11021


10:00am – 6:00pm

New Premier location GREAT NECK

Advanced Digital Orthodontics’s premier location at 29 Barstow Road in Great Neck, New York is the home of board-certified orthodontist Dr. Robert Lopatkin, DDS. Our office and staff are equipped to handle problems from the routine to the most severe. Advanced Digital Orthodontics provides the most esthetic treatment available with fewer in-office visits and fast results. Our services are personalized to your individual needs. Treatment is nearly contactless and at Advanced Digital Orthodontics you’ll never feel rushed. 60-minute complimentary consultations are available. Make yours today!

Personalized Service — Never Feel Rushed

Appliances and Techniques

Together we will choose the appliance to achieve the best possible and most aesthetic outcome for your smile. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages, whether we choose clear aligners like Invisalign, clear ceramic braces or Lingual braces like InBrace, we will work together to get the absolute best result that particular appliance can deliver, to get you the smile you desire.

Nearly Contactless Treatment

Our advanced technology allows us to deliver incredible results with the least amount of chair time possible. This will limit the number of office visits as well as reduce the patient doctor direct contact. This may however include phone or Zoom calls to continue your care while increasing safety for you or your family.

Fewer Office Appointments

We use the most innovative techniques and latest materials that allow a longer time frame between appointments while actually reducing total treatment time. All this with the goal of reducing disruption in your lifestyle and to be as safe as possible. We always aim for the most aesthetic result.

From The Routine To Most Severe Problems

With 35 years of experience in clinical practice and teaching, we have encountered almost every type of malocclusion that exists and look forward to taking on the challenge of cases that other orthodontists may consider untreatable. Our experience level is vast from simple problems to ones that require multiple specialists to achieve the smile you desire. Come in for a complimentary second opinion.

Fastest Possible Results

Our experience, materials and techniques get results in the shortest amount of time possible. We will spend as much time as is required at each visit to get the most tooth movement possible so the next visit is as productive as the last one. Appliance breakage, and therefore emergency visits are kept to a minimum to achieve continued progress.

Most Aesthetic Treatment Possible

With your input, we will select the appliance that will work within your time frame and aesthetic requirements. All appliances and techniques have pros and cons and these will be discussed thoroughly with you so we can arrive at the best and most aesthetic means of achieving your smile goal.

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Robert J. Lopatkin DDS,
board certified orthodontist
for over 30 years.

After graduating with an applied math major/physics minor from Queens College, Dr. Lopatkin looked for a career that would also allow him the ability to interact with people to better their lives. Orthodontics does just that. He received his Dental degree at the University at Stony Brook, and his Orthodontic training at New York University College of dentistry in 1987. Soon after, he purchased a small practice in NYC  Where he has practiced and has been delivering high quality orthodontic services for over 30 years. He lives on Long Island with his wife Susan, who is the Mayor of their village. He now is practicing in Great Neck much closer to home.  In his free time, he loves biking, playing golf, photography and visiting his two daughters Stefanie and Allison.

January 8, 2021

I love this place! Dr. Lopatkin made my smile look amazing. I got Invisalign here, and after a few short visits the gap in my teeth was gone and my teeth look perfect! Every visit was extremely pleasant and the staff is super friendly and professional. The office is really state-of-the-art (with iPads etc.) and I never had a long wait! I can’t recommend this enough. Thanks Dr. Lopatkin and staff for my beautiful teeth 🙂

January 8, 2021

Dr. Lopakin and staff are great! He made my daughters teeth as straight as a line! It took about 3 years but being a dental assistant myself, I have seen it all. From early on, my daughter’s teeth seemed like they would never be perfect. But I was wrong! He worked until they were totally perfect, even more than I thought could be done! He is friendly, patient and kind, He enjoys kids and works fast too. I so recommend him for anyone!

January 8, 2021

Dr Lopatkin is wonderful. The staff is so friendly. And best of all, my teeth are now straight! I have recommended many of my friends to the office and everyone is very satisfied. And their prices are also reasonable. Highly recommend!

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