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The Secret Behind A Stunning Smile

Discover InBrace, the Innovative Solution for Achieving Stunning Dental Alignment.

Lingual braces are a great option for a patient that wants to take advantage of using braces, but want to do so in the most discreet way possible. Truly the most aesthetic option, lingual braces are placed on the lingual (inside or tongue-side) of your teeth. An outside observer might never be able to tell you are in treatment.

They are engineered to be as small as possible and smooth to the touch, they are virtually invisible while you are in treatment. Friction is reduced by building customized brackets for each tooth. They are efficient at fixing more complex cases. Custom arch-wires that can deliver predictable and efficient tooth corrections and movement.


How Do InBrace Work?

InBrace discreetly straightens teeth by applying customized wires and brackets to the back surfaces of the teeth. This hidden placement ensures minimal visibility while effectively guiding teeth into their desired positions.



Dr Lopatkin evaluates your dental situation and outlines a personalized treatment strategy for InBrace lingual braces.



InBrace braces are crafted specifically to fit the unique contours of your teeth.



Braces are discreetly bonded behind your teeth, ensuring an inconspicuous appearance.


Continuous Alignment

Smart wires apply gentle, pressure, facilitating consistent movement for effective teeth alignment.



Regular check-ups to track progress and make necessary adjustments throughout treatment.



Once your teeth have reached their desired alignment, the braces are removed, revealing your new smile.


The InBrace

Discreet Appearance

InBrace braces are placed on the back of your teeth, making them virtually invisible to others.

Continuous Alignment

Smart wires exert gentle pressure, ensuring steady movement of teeth for effective alignment correction.

Smooth Design

InBrace braces are custom-made and bonded behind teeth, offering a smooth and comfortable fit.

Advanced Digital Orthodontics

InBrace: Smile Innovation

Transformative orthodontic technology for confident smiles. Discover the revolutionary InBrace system and unlock your smile’s full potential.

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