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Are you seeking a more comfortable and discreet way of correcting alignment issues with your teeth?


Straighten Your Teeth At An Affordable Price

Straighten Your Teeth with Braces at a Price You Can Afford.

Traditional metal braces – thanks to today’s technology and orthodontic processes – are smaller, sleeker, less noticeable, and more comfortable than ever.

Our braces utilize stainless steel metal brackets and arch wires which are custom-designed with your comfort in mind. This treatment option provides a variety of benefits, and will help eliminate problems that you currently experience with eating, speaking, and even dental hygiene!


How Do Braces Work?

Braces work by using brackets, archwires, and sometimes elastics to apply gentle, continuous pressure to the teeth. This pressure gradually shifts the teeth into their desired positions over time, helping to correct alignment issues and create a straighter smile.



Dr. Lopatkin assesses your teeth and jaw alignment to determine if braces are needed.


Placement of Brackets

Small brackets are bonded to the front surface of each tooth using a special adhesive, known as anchors.



Thin metal wires called archwires are threaded through the brackets and secured in place.



Periodic adjustments are made by the orthodontist to tighten the archwires.


Elastic Bands

In some cases, elastic bands are used to exert additional force on specific teeth to enhance alignment.


Regular Maintenance

Throughout the treatment process, you’ll visit your orthodontist regularly for check-ups and adjustments.


The Advantages
Of Braces

Affordable Option

The least expensive option for teeth alignment.


Moves your teeth quicker by using heat-activated arch wires.

Color Customization

Color customization options for a unique smile.

Advanced Digital Orthodontics

Affordable Braces Fittings

Straighten your teeth affordably. Explore our range of options for braces designed to fit your budget and lifestyle so you can get the smile of your dreams in a way that suits you.

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